Sigma Anaideia - An Intro Crawl

Sigma Anaideia - An Intro Crawl

A long time ago The Great Wave shattered hyperspace, ending the biggest galactic empire in the known history of this fine galaxy we call Sigma Anaideia. The Thousand World Empire, commanded by Empress Marza. The cause remains unknown, and all logs corrupted. Many people, from historians to tech geniuses, believe there may have been a massive EMP that preceded the destruction that ensued.

The Great Wave ruined everything. All that was left in its wake was darkness and despair. Every interstellar jump gate we had built ceased to work, and once glowing planets became lost in the backdrop of a fading galaxy as it spread.

The stories today say it all started at the heart of Liluri, the shining capitol of the Thousand World Empire. Under the command of the Empress, the inhabitants of Liluri terraformed the planet, Callisto, to fit her every need.

Some say they were doing experiments in secret that the universe didn't like. Others say it was interdimensional beings that finally shook their etch-a-sketch.

Nobody knows for certain.

Over many generations, a small group of extraordinary engineers called The Builders found a way to repair and restore the jump gates. Little by little, they have brought back some of the light to our galaxy, reconnecting long-lost paths through the stars, and the now disparate civilizations within.

The bubble isn't as big as the stories say it once was, but progress is progress. As you venture away from the center of the bubble, the available jump destinations become more and more limited, and raiders become more common.

As the bubble expanded, it became obvious that a group of brave and honorable volunteers, sworn to help protect those who are less fortunate as they venture among the stars, was desperately needed. They call themselves The Rangers, currently led by Admiral Canning.

Recently, the raiders have spread further and further into the bubble. Their numbers have grown rapidly, as has their strength. Today, many civilians within the bubble live in constant fear of the raiders choosing their home instead of the next one down the celestial block.

It has been two weeks since what looks like a hole in space has appeared above the planet Iatera, a frozen planet in the Leschi system. Pitch black. Initially it was barely big enough to see with the naked eye. Today, it is the size of a jumbo tourist cruiser. Nothing has gone in, and nothing has come out according to the enormous mass of scientists, military carrier captains, and all of their subordinates currently stationed around it. They watch its every move.

Our story picks up on The Arid Mutt, the shiny new starship provided by the crews' employer, PHI Galactic. The crew couldn't believe how incredible their private quarters were when they first stepped foot in them. Beds with adjustable firmness, a drink dispenser that has over a hundred options. This was the life!

Until the gravity generator cut in and out on the first night on this mission, almost strangling one of the crew members with their oh-so-perfectly soft sheets. Everything comes with a price. Apparently.

This was created using the Opening Intro Crawl Creator shared by the Space Aces designer on the Space Aces Discord server.